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Novelty Races

Novelty Races

Apart from the traditional Horses we have available sheep, pig or trotters for your evening entertainment, please let us know what you requirements are via the contact us page.

Even If none of your audience have never seen a race before they can’t fail to understand what’s going on. All they need to do is pick a number between one & eight,each person buys the corresponding ticket from the tote.

When the winner is known, the lucky ones collect their winnings.
The betting then re-opens for the next race.

In addition to the tote, there are other ways to raise money on the night.

Selling the Horses
There are 8 horses in every race, in an 8 race evening that gives you 64 horses. You should try to sell these horses to members of your organisation for at least £3 each with the inducement of a prize such as a bottle of wine for the owner who buys the winning horse in each race.

Get local businesses to sponsor each race

The Auction Race
This an option for the last race of the night by auctioning off the horses to the highest bidder.

Looking for something unique and fun loving for your next corporate meet?