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Greyhound Races

Before The Event…..

Arrange for the ticket sellers and pay-out clerks to be visible to everyone in the room. We can provide a Master of Ceremonies, or if you prefer you can provide your own.

Select tickets sellers who not only do their job efficiently but have plenty of personality to encourage the punters to bet!

Try to obtain sponsorship from local businesses, breweries etc to offset the cost of  the race night.

We bring an “Evening at the Dogs” to your venue! 

We use a large screen video projection system and high quality pa with dog racing video footage from various tracks.

Do remember to give the ticket sellers and pay-out clerks plenty of change for the float.

How it works

Greyhound races operate the same as the horse races

We recommend selling the Tote Tickets at £1 each.The choice is yours, but stick to one price throughout the night. Betting is on a Win basis only. At the close of betting simply enter on the Tabulator Form the number of tickets sold for each runner. From the total money taken deduct a percentage for your club/charity. Divide the remaining money by the number of winning tickets. We suggest that you round down payout amount to the nearest 50 pence. All books of tote win tickets start at number _ _ _01.

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